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Getting Involved

Community Focus

We are proud ambassadors of Northeast Ohio and the Greater Cleveland Area for the sport of soccer. We always portray our home in a positive light.

Grow the Game

We believe in the power of soccer to impact lives and encourage a healthy lifestyle. As a sports entity, it is our mission to introduce the game to new fans and future stars. We do this by ensuring the accessibility of our games and events to people of all economic, cultural, and social backgrounds.

Be Professional

As a club, we always aim to be a team that our fans can take pride in. This means that our staff pledges to put in the work required to continue as a quality organization. This includes prompt response to fan inquiries, respectful treatment of our fans, players, staff, and partners, and competent management of our business.

Build a Family

Soccer without supporters is nothing. As a club, Cleveland SC aims to build a family around our common love of soccer. We welcome supporters, families, players, and staff to join us year-round whether we are at a game, at a fan event, or working in the community.


Give Back

Part of representing our great city is giving back to those in need. As a club, Cleveland SC pledges to always find ways to support the community that has given so much to all of us.

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