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Know Your Enemy

Updated: Mar 4

After coming off a much-needed tune-up, Coach Lewis Dunne and his club fared well against an Ambassadors U-23 side with a clean sheet on the defensive side while chalking up three goals offensively in their Wednesday evening bout at Euclid High School. Despite having a clean sheet and connecting on a few opportunities, Dunne believes that there was more to this game than meets the eye. Although they were victors at the end, he felt that the narrow pitch and lack of passing lanes was a result of creating fewer chances that could have seen his team connect on more chances throughout the game.

However, Dunne was much pleased about the level of possession, the minutes he was able to get out of his players, a solid defense, and a clean sheet. Dunne emphasized the want of a “defense first” mentality of his bunch and how a solid backline will lead to a more potent attack. “If we can deny chances, then we will be more lethal in our attack…while more defense nets fewer chances for the opposition,” Dunne noted.

In other words, it is no secret to what Dunne feels is the most critical aspect to Cleveland SC’s success for this upcoming season. A bend but not break defense will carry this team a long way throughout the season, strictly how Dunne views as vital for his team.

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